Our Software Development Services

Professional Software Products and Services to give your business a competitive advantage.

Services we provide

We provide software development services.
We create software solutions fast. This is what we do:

  • Web development, for instance the creation of a website, or the frontend, backend and database development for a complex web application. This is our core service.
  • Wordpress development. This is also web development, but Wordpress is so popular that deserves an entry of its own. We have been working with Wordpress for a long time. We offer Wordpres installation, plugin development, and packaging of a web application with selected 3rd party plugins and themes to fulfill customer's requirements.
  • Mobile App development, which refers to creating applications for mobile devices, such as the Apps you can download from the Apple's App Store or from Google's Play Store.
  • Desktop Applications, also known as standalone applications. These are applications that you download and install on a bigger device, such as a Windows laptop, a Mac, or a Linux computer.

Our preferred Technologies

We work with modern frontend javascript and CSS libraries and tools, as well as trusted backend software development languages and frameworks: Java, Spring framework, Springboot, PHP, Flutter, Codeigniter, and our own PHP framework.

Our preferred technologies are trusted by some of the largest companies in the world.

We deliver, and we are able to work in projects for any industry, and making use of a variety of popular and advanced technological developments of the modern age : AI, Blockchain, Mobile App, API development, Custom CMS, Traditional Web App or Desktop Applications.

Send us an email to contactus@nexterday.co to get started on your journey to a successful software product.