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100% Money Back Guarantee if a client is not satisfied. Work with us, give your business a competitive advantage.

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What can we do?

Web Development

Powerful and Scalable web applications. Spring Framework, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Django, our own PHP Framework or plain PHP.

Mobile App Development

Nice looking Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Desktop Apps

Desktop Apps for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Database development

Relational and non-relational data components for your business needs.

API development

An expressive REST API for clients to connect to new and existing functionality.

Complex and modern technologies

Development for blockchain, AI prompt engineering and other.

Our developers, as a whole, and individually, have many years of experience working on simple and very complex software solutions, for small, large companies and government.

Your business is in safe hands

Our Software Solutions are delivered according to specs, on time and within budget, or you get your money back.

Visit our different pages and different websites to get to learn a bit more about us

  • ScriptLab for advanced expertise in Wordpress, E-commerce and frontend technologies
  • Creatorive to create Crosswords, Lessons, Courses, Forms and other
  • Entreveloper to list your business, create posts so your business get additional exposure
  • Healthesy for health experiments
  • AIMiltech under development for AI & Blockchain experiments